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The publishing industry needs more diversity

NPR reports on the lack of diversity in publishing.



  1. meganrudloff says:

    I thought this article brought up interesting controversies. As the country continues to become more diverse, I personally think that publishing houses should strive to acknowledge and accommodate other cultures within the business.

  2. Madison Clark says:

    Similar to movements across other cultural institutions (education, social interactions, government) this media/article is acknowledging the need for a more focused push towards diversity. When authors feel as though they are “navigating a [publishing] world which makes them feel unwelcome,” one can only imagine what the people we walk past on the street are actually feeling and grappling with. As was stated in the audio, “It’s about actually knowing what’s going on in communities of color.”

    This feels similar to a current waiting period within my generation, and those younger, to see the first cartoon Disney character who identifies as LGBTQ. The world is looking different, now. When you walk down the street you see multi-racial faces who come from varied backgrounds. It is high time the literature those faces read as children reflect the precise lives they’re experiencing. It’s high time every child growing up is able to see him/herself in the bookstore.

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