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Amazon and Hachette come to an agreement, for now

Hachette made some concessions, but for the time being, the publisher won the right to preserve the agency model for eBook pricing.



  1. Especially after completing our project on the topic of Amazon, which gave me a more thorough understanding of the Amazon problem, parts of this article made me wince. I was not aware, before this article, that Amazon now controls more than half of the entire book trade. This makes sense, all things considered, but to see it printed here was extremely worrisome.

    As far as I can see, Hachette needs to sort out a response for those people who say publishing houses are no longer necessary because of a rise in self-publishing on a digital stage. That it the largest opposition the article presented which Hachette did not have any solid response to. Sorting that out could – and that’s a very large “could” – help to slowly shift public opinion if people realize the publishing house’s continuous support for what’s best for texts and their authors.

  2. Josh Wertz says:

    It is good to see that Hachette is able to finally control pricing of their books after essentially being bullied by Amazon. However, knowing Amazon’s hunger for greed and past negotiation techniques, I don’t believe that this is the end of the rivalry. Amazon is too large, and has too much of an ego to let Hachette win this easily.

  3. meganrudloff says:

    The statement, “Amazon feels publishers get too much of the revenue from e-books” really bothered me as I read through this article. This shows the power relationship that Amazon strives to have with the publishing industry. If and when Amazon presses for more revenue for their e-book sales, it may affect the sales of the large publishing houses. While I do not think that these houses will die, Amazon is definitely a threat to them.

  4. Thanks for your comments. Franklin Foer recently published an interesting article against Amazon in The New Republic:


    Some journalists have taken issue with Foer’s argument, but others have rushed to his support.

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