Louis Menand on copyright

In the latest issue of The New Yorker, Louis Menand offers a balanced take on the current copyright wars.


Amazon posts huge net loss in third quarter

Shelf Awareness reports that Amazon’s net loss amounted to $437 million in the last quarter.

“The Decline of the Alt-Weekly”

The New Yorker reports on the disappearance of alternative weekly local newspapers.

More censorship in China

Authorities have cracked down on dissident authors in the wake of the Hong Kong protests, Reuters reports.

Amazon and authors: a tricky relationship

Amazon has offered authors unprecedented opportunities, but these opportunities come with a cost, David Streitfeld of the New York Times reports.

Students vs. textbook publishers

Textbook prices have risen dramatically in the last twelve years, but students are not paying more money for textbooks. NPR reporter David Kestenbaum resolves the paradox.

“Audiobook Boom”

Book Business attributes the current “audiobook boom” to celebrity readings and consumers’ need to multitask.

The resiliency of new networks

With the FireChat app, cell phone users can create an internet without cell towers and without WiFi nodes. The technology makes it hard for governments to shut down communication between opponents of the regime.

The publishing industry needs more diversity

NPR reports on the lack of diversity in publishing.

The rumors are true: Amazon is entering crowdsourced publishing

Publishers Weekly confirms that Amazon is embarking on a “crowdsourced publishing program.” In a distantly related story, the data wonks at 538 explain why crowdsourcing does not always yield accurate data.